What to do when your other half is suffering from erectile dysfunction

My girlfriend could not keep his horny! What to do when your other half suffer from erectile dysfunction.
ED. Inability. I can not continue.



Flopadopalous (Urban Dictionary term, not ours). Be what you want to call, ED often is overlooked as something that only affects most of the population.

However, this is not entirely accurate. According to a study by Lloyds Pharmacy, 25% of men under 25 suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. It is a difficult situation for a man to feel that you can not please your girlfriend, or “defects” you physically preventing you to be sexually satisfied, but not only affects males.


We spoke with Sarah * 23 years old, 28-year relationship with James * erupted because he was suffering from erectile dysfunction. At first glance, it might seem superficial; As if it was not in favor with medical or psychological problems that could have to overcome, but experience has shown that it is not so simple.

In addition to her boyfriend feel impotence is a direct reflection of your self-perception is not attractive, he struggled while his partner closed and refuse to handle it. The situation will become an increasingly important issue between the two.
At the late in the day, you to think it is not interesting enough

“James and I were together for five months in total,” he said, “and it all started quite normal. We met, we went on a few dates, and things are getting first we have two” Meeting,” which was good, but then, it matters things started to go wrong in the room. ”

He said he would not be able to maintain an erection for more than a few minutes at a time, and how it will sweat during sex, probably due to the stress of the situation.

“As it evolved, it became increasingly defensive and reasoned not to sleep with me made. It had a stomach ache mystery for at least a month. However, it makes me feel sick; it was already old when the girl said she had a headache, do you try to avoid it I think it has something to do with me.

The situation deteriorated until Sarah was at its nadir. “No matter how you think they might be, if I say, because at the end of the day, you are not engaging enough to keep your girlfriend, sometimes I even thought he saw someone others,” he admitted.
I thought I saw someone else

However, despite led him to question his sensuality, after finding an article stating that the hormone can cause anxiety and potential, Sarah began to feel that it is something you have to deal with her James-even. “I kept saying,” You need to go see someone about it or talk to your friends’ and be quiet and said no, he would not admit that he did not bring the issue to a serious relationship. ”

Sarah James also found the work to be done with the refusal of the situation. Working in batches, surrounded by men and are often exposed to the culture of “son.” “I can not imagine that I have someone to talk without taking the piss,” he said. Moreover, I can not go to the doctor because he was in the Navy is to go to the doctors appointed by the medical services of the Royal Navy.

Despite the fact that James was like out of the room, the problem is getting worse. He started arguing with Sarah does not have to come back together at the end of the night, and the “problem” will avoid.

“He often asked:?” Why should always sleep together, why we can not just watch the movie “And I would say, ‘That is all we do before Christmas, I went to him in a sexy Santa suit and preparing a roast dinner enter.Yo even washed! After all, he says he was tortured and had a long drive the next day I had to bring the train with my clothes on. I can not believe it is very frustrating. ”

James finally ended the relationship, but for a break, earlier this year acknowledged that problem. “Then she said she felt too much pressure to be in a relationship. He admitted that it was all his fault and said he was sorry to put everything on me, which is good to hear.”

We believe it is important that women fully understand erectile dysfunction who do not end up blaming themselves. When we spoke to the doctor NetDoctor Roger Henderson, he told us that almost 8 out of 10 cases ED is caused by physical means.

These can include:

– High blood pressure
– Smoke
– High cholesterol
– Injury
– diabetes
– Abuse of alcohol and drugs
– Low testosterone levels
– Side effects of medications such as antidepressants
– Cycle spacing (seat pressure on the nerves that supply the penis makes an impact)


However, there may also be psychological reasons. Dr. Henderson stated that “as a rule, a psychological cause for ED is more likely than a physical cause if there are times when you can get a good erection, even if most of the time could not. Erection with masturbation, or wake up in the morning with no.Las cause is stress, anxiety, relationship problems and depression.

In any case, Roger NetDoctor deemed it appropriate to approach the heart with your partner. “Learn all you can about ED, and let your partner know that you are not alone,” she suggests.

“Go with him to the doctor, and remember that there are many options for treatment exist.TambiĆ©n, try alternative techniques in the room, and most importantly, keep positive. No blame, instead, discuss what you and your partner want and need and how to achieve together. ”

Once you have discussed this with my other half, Lloyds Pharmacy GP, Dr. Christina Hennessey has some ideas to try to solve the problem.



1. Learn to relax.
“Help your partner to take a moment to relax and enjoy will allow your muscles to relax and absorb more blood, including your penis.”

2. While much Dutch Courage.
“Sometimes a little” Dutch courage “really can help, at times only one or two drinks can help them build confidence and help you get out of the trap of anxiety in which many young people are thumbs. However, apparently sensible and stay in within recommended limits, because if they go too far, alcohol could impair your ability for getting an erection.”

3. Exercise more.
“Exercise is the best way to lose weight and make psychological rejuvenation, which in itself will allow erection problems.”

4. Test the drug.
“If your partner regularly suffers from erectile dysfunction, you may want to consider testing a medication that helps blood circulation increase your penis After the doctor classified as adequate, drugs like Viagra or Cialis can contribute to improving erectile satisfied Many drugs this drug can be prescribed safely and quietly from online silent. “

5. Be honest with your partner and yourself
“OK, sometimes you are not in the mood and sometimes not in the mood If your body says” no “and did not seem interested, do not force the situation. Will be miserable trying to take a break from sex or consider talking to GP trained therapist, you should be able to recommend someone suitably and treat the underlying psychological causes can often be very successful for the youth.


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