Erectile dysfunction treatment – 5 Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction treatment: 5 Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction affects around 30 million people in the United States. Nearly half of men over 75 years of experience Erectile Dysfunction, in accordance with National Institutes of Health.

ED is commonly known as “impotence.” It a condition in which a guy can not get or maintain an erection during sexual performance. Symptoms may include decreased sexual desire or libido.

These types of problems can occur at any time and to anyone. Causes include primarily:

– Voltage
– Tired
– Relationship problems
– Alcohol consumption
– Performance Anxiety

Possible diagnosed with ED doctor if the condition lasts more than a few weeks or months.

Standard care, including pharmaceutical drugs, vacuum pumps, implants, and surgery, but many men prefer natural selection. Research has shown that some natural selection can improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

Some factors that can increased the risk erection dysfunction. Achieve an erection involves the brain, hormones, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. The problem with these components can block the normal functioning of the penis.

Among the ED common causes include:

– Diabetes
– Diseases of the heart
– Obesity
– Tobacco consumption
– Multiple sclerosis
– Prostate Enlargement
– Parkinson disease

One study found that alcohol consumption is also due to persistent ED. Sixty-two percent of men diagnosed with alcohol dependence syndrome is diagnosed with a sexual dysfunction. These include premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Why do you need to see your doctor

It is important to consult your doctor because ED can be a sign of further health problems. For instance, when you had heart disease, you could take the series of measures that can be both improve the health of your heart as ED. These include lowering your cholesterol, reduce your weight, or taking medications to unclog blood vessels.

Your doctor may prescribe you some general maintenance, if not find any other health problem is the cause of your ED. However, you can also choose the natural option.

Standard treatments for ED: Medication

the standard treatments for ED include lifestyle changes, such as:

losing weight
– Reduce alcohol consumption
– Stop smoking

Drugs such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra increases blood flow to the penis. However, they can also cause side effects, including:

– Headache
– Nasal congestion
– Abdominal pain
– dizziness
– Face Redness
– Changes in vision

The gentleman who already has strokes or one that has poorly controlled diabetes or lower blood pressure must not take medication for erectile dysfunction.
Replacement of testosterone and injections to induce erection are also available. Side effects may include:

– Mammal augmentation
– button
– Increased urination
– irritation of the gums or mouth
– scar
– Pain in the penis

Standard treatments for ED: Drug Options

Non-pharmacological treatments for ED include vacuum penis pumps, penile implants, and vascular surgery. A pump is used before sex to draw blood into the penis. However, this method can cause bruising. The implants must be inserted surgically into the penis. They can then be increased if necessary. Risks are often related to the operation, such as infection.

Surgery is recommended only when the blood vessels leaky vessels cause ED. While all of these methods can help some people, natural remedies can be as effective but less invasive.

Natural # 1 and # 2 Solution: Panax ginseng and Rhodiola Rosea
Called for “herbal Viagra” Panax ginseng ( “red ginseng”) has a solid research behind it. The researchers reviewed seven studies of red ginseng and ED in 2008. Dose range 600-1000 mg did. They concluded that there is “evidence of the the efficacy of red ginseng to treat erection dysfunction.”

A small study has also shown that Rhodiola Rosea may help. Twenty-six out of 35 people received 150-200 mg daily for three months. They experienced a high increase sexual functioning.
Naturally Solution # 3: DHEA

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) constitute the adrenal gland produces a natural hormone. This can a convert into estrogen and testosterone in the body. Scientists create a regime yam and soy supplements wild.

Massachusetts critical study of aging men showed that men with erectile dysfunction are more likely to has low levels DHEA. Dozens of men with ED participated in other studies which were published in 1999; half received 50 mg of DHEA and half received a placebo once a day for six months. Those who received DHEA more likely to achieve and maintain an erection.
Natural Solution # 4: L-Arginine

L-arginine constitutes an amino acid naturally found in the body. It helps to produce nitrous oxide. Of Nitric Oxide loosen the blood vessels to facilitate a successful erection. The researchers studied the effect of L-arginine on ED in 1999. 31% of men taking 5 grams of L-arginine per day experiencing significant improvement in sexually function.

The second study showed that L-arginine combined with pycnogenol, plant products bark, sexual ability is back 80 percent of attendees after a two month. Eighty-two percent had restored sexual ability after three months.
Natural Solution # 5: Acupuncture

Although studies are mixed, many have shown positive results when acupuncture is used to treat erectile dysfunction. A 1999 study, for example, found that acupuncture increases the quality of erections and sexual activity was restored in 39 percent of participants.

Other studies have been published in 2003 reports that 21 percent patients with ED who received acupuncture had improved erections. Another study conflicting results demonstrate, however this treatment has potential and can work for you.

Natural treatments GK
Other alternative therapies that are designed to help the ED may include a zinc supplement (especially for men are low in zinc), Ashwagandha herb (also called “Indian ginseng”), and ginkgo, but more research are needed to know for sure.

Meanwhile, talk to your doctor about your options, and do not give up. ED is a common condition that is very treatable. With a little trial and error, it is likely to find what works for you and your partner.

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